FL12068.14-R0 Superseded

By Silverline Building Products Corp.
Category: Windows Mullions and Skylights
Model: n. 2100 Series / Model 2111
Description: Extruded Vinyl Single Hung Window - Flange

Certification valid until 03/15/2012

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Basic Listing Data

Agency FL Product Approval Report Status Superseded Modeln. 2100 Series / Model 2111 DescriptionExtruded Vinyl Single Hung Window - Flange ManufacturerSilverline Building Products Corp. Technical Rep. Email rickw@rwbldgconsultants.com CategoryWindows Mullions and Skylights Date Expires 03/15/2012

Other Performance Standards

Valid for use inside HVHZ Yes Valid for use outside HVHZ Yes Impact No [FL]

Listing Authority

Certification MethodEvaluation Report from a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer (FL Method 1D) Evaluator Lyndon F. Schmidt, P.E. - PE-43409 Validator Ryan J. King, P.E. Quality Assurance Expires 12/31/2011 Classification High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approval Method Method 1 Option D

Other Agency Information

FBC Listed Design Pressure(s)N/ADate SubmittedJanuary 26, 2009Date ValidatedMarch 4, 2009Approved inside HVHZYesApproved outside HVHZYesEntityN/ACompliance MethodEvaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional EngineerOther"See INST 12068.14 for Design Pressure Ratings, any additional use limitations, installation instructions and product particulars. (Note - ASTM E1300-02 utilized for areas inside the HVHZ)"Official Site StatusApprovedSubcategorySingle Hung

Source Listing Information

Florida Product Approval

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Company Details

Silverline Building Products Corp.

One Silverline Drive
North Brunswick, NJ, 08902
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Manufactured by Silverline Building Products Corp.

Referenced Standards

101/I.S.2 (1997)
AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440 (2005)
ASTM E1300 (2002)
ASTM E1300 (2004)
ASTM E1886/E1996 (2002)
TAS 202 (1994)

Applicable Codes

2007 Florida Building Code



This listing was evaluated by Lyndon F. Schmidt, P.E. - PE-43409


This listing was validated by Ryan J. King, P.E.

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Installation Instructions

Company: Silverline Building Products Corp.

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