FL15610.1-R0 Approved

By All American Shutters of Pensacola
Category: Impact Protection Devices
Model: Quick Mount 50
Description: "Quick Mount 50 0.050"" Aluminum Storm Panel (Non-HVHZ)"

Certification valid until 03/15/2015

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Basic Listing Data

Agency FL Product Approval Report Status Approved ModelQuick Mount 50 Description"Quick Mount 50 0.050"" Aluminum Storm Panel (Non-HVHZ)" ManufacturerAll American Shutters of Pensacola CategoryImpact Protection Devices Date Expires 12/31/2014

Other Performance Standards

Valid for use inside HVHZ No Valid for use outside HVHZ Yes Impact Yes [FL]

Listing Authority

Certification MethodEvaluation Report from a Registered Architect or Professional Engineer (FL Method 1D) Evaluator Frank L. Bennardo, P.E. - PE-0046549 Validator Keith E. Lorinos, PE Quality Assurance Expires 12/31/2012 Classification Non-High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approval Method Method 1 Option D

Other Agency Information

Date SubmittedMay 21, 2012Date ValidatedMay 21, 2012EntityN/ACompliance MethodEvaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional EngineerOtherSee installation instructions for limitations of use.Official Site StatusApprovedSubcategoryStorm Panels

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Company Details

All American Shutters of Pensacola

3346 McLemore Drive
Pensacola, FL, 32514
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Manufactured by All American Shutters of Pensacola

Referenced Standards

TAS 201 (1994)
TAS 202 (1994)
TAS 203 (1994)

Applicable Codes

2010 Florida Building Code Code Effective as of March 15, 2012



This listing was evaluated by Frank L. Bennardo, P.E. - PE-0046549


This listing was validated by Keith E. Lorinos, PE

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Company: All American Shutters of Pensacola

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