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Status: Approved"Quick Mount 50 0.050"" Aluminum Storm Panel (Non-HVHZ)"Model: Quick Mount 50 By: All American Shutters of Pensacola

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Basic Listing Data

Agency FL Product Approval
Report Status Approved
ModelQuick Mount 50
Description"Quick Mount 50 0.050"" Aluminum Storm Panel (Non-HVHZ)"
ManufacturerAll American Shutters of Pensacola
CategoryImpact Protection Devices
CSI Code00 00 00
Date Expires 12/31/2014

Performance Criteria

Valid for use inside HVHZ No
Valid for use outside HVHZ Yes
Impact Yes [FL]

Listing Authority

Evaluator Frank L. Bennardo, P.E. - PE-0046549
Validator Keith E. Lorinos, PE
Quality Assurance Expires 12/31/2012
Classification Non-High Velocity Hurricane Zone
Approval Method Method 1 Option D
The last agency update was on 04/15/2014.

Applicable Codes

2010 Florida Building Code Code Effective as of March 15, 2012

Referenced Standards

TAS 201 (1994)
TAS 202 (1994)
TAS 203 (1994)

Other Agency Information

Date SubmittedMay 21, 2012
Date ValidatedMay 21, 2012
Compliance MethodEvaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional Engineer
OtherSee installation instructions for limitations of use.
Official Site StatusApproved
SubcategoryStorm Panels


Official Technical Documents

Certification of Independence
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Installation Instructions
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Technical Document
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Other Resource Documents

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Company Information

All American Shutters of Pensacola

3346 McLemore Drive
Pensacola, FL, 32514
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All American Shutters of Pensacola
"Quick Mount 50 0.050"" Aluminum Storm Panel (Non-HVHZ)"
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