Notable Site Features

ApprovalZOOM Is Building Product Information Innovation

A Smarter Way To Search

Smart-search all our agency approvals from one easy to use place using the smartest search system on the planet. Download Product PDF’s, Browse by Images, explore products in a whole new way. Understand products and their connected services like never…

ApprovalZOOM is digital

We Restructure Product Performance Information

ApprovalZOOM experts transform your PDF & catalog charts into our smart system to provide hundreds of very smart filter and search possibilities Let our experts reconstruct your aging PDF’s into smart data and open a world of new opportunities for…

ApprovalZOOM Converts PDFs

Aging PDF’s Become Smart, Annotate Them Too

ApprovalZOOM makes sense of difficult product PDF Documents

  • ApprovalZOOM Engineers work with product suppliers to extract the important information from PDFs
  • Simplified commentaries are created with illustrations & instructions using our proprietary system
  • Mark Up, Highlight, Share, & Save PDF’s for improved communication workflow

Be A VIP In Prestigious Registries

ApprovalZOOM partners with associations like the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety to provide their FORTIFIED Verified Product Directory and provide these exclusive registries to websites across the country Use ApprovalZOOM to search product listings for FORTIFIED Matches Upgraded…

Fortified testing
ApprovalZOOM Connections

Connect Products To Related Parts, Services, & Helpful Resources

Product listings are joined to related parts, accessories, & services

  • ApprovalZOOM works with manufacturers to identify related products and services for listing compliance.
  • Interactive system provides first-ever view of interconnected & interchangeable products.
  • Products connect to repair parts, necessary services, purchasing, support links, & more.

Bring Your Product Charts & Tables To Life

Interactive Calculators Bring Hard To Use Charts & Tables Into The Modern World


  • ApprovalZOOM Engineers convert your archaic charts & tables and create amazing interactive tools
  • Tablet & Smartphone friendly calculators provide more detailed answers & solve ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Increase sales by providing more efficient & cost effective designs to beat your competition


ApprovalZOOM Calculate
ApprovalZOOM Syndication

ApprovalZOOM Syndicates & Publishes Your Product Content Everywhere

Listing Information Is Shared In Real Time With Sites Of All Kinds Across The Country Need-specific, filtered content is shared in real-time to Agencies, Associations, Municipalities, Distributors, Companies across America Dozens in use, ApprovalZOOM data is everywhere! Qualifying companies can…

ApprovalZOOM Check Your House

Our Technology Checks Your Home Or Business To See If Products are Code Compliant – Or Recommends Ones That Are

Find products by address (A pay feature for our data syndication partners)

  • Visitors can check a product for use on any address to see how it will perform.
  • Visitors find alternate product solutions by any address- ApprovalZOOM recommends the strongest, most economical, or most architecturally pleasing code compliant solutions.
  • Manufacturers work with ApprovalZOOM when upgrading their product listings to provide helpful information to appear in more searches for more addresses.