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Site Features

  • Update Company Info & Logo
  • Centralize Your Agency Listings
  • Add Resources & Feeds To Social Media
  • We Digitize Your Product Data & PDF's
  • We Add Your Media, Documents, Resources
  • Improve Product Visibility, Ranking, Sales
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  • Reviewed by Expert Ted Berman & Assoc.
  • One-time Or Ongoing Listing
  • Ready for Municipality Submissions
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  • Centralized Source for Your Product Info
  • Nationally Recognized Exposure
  • Be Prominent, Be Found, Increase Sales

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Why Improve My Listings?

  • Increase sales with improved page ranking, extended SEO, powerful smart data, media, resources

  • Gain enormous exposure through search
    and our many Syndication Sites

  • Our experts digitize stale product Data & create engaging commentaries for more ways to be found and understood

  • Get answers FAST with dazzling Interactive Calculators

Why Add New Product Listings?

Features For New & Upgraded Listings

ApprovalZOOM is so much more than just providing the agency approval
  • Smart-search all our agency approvals from one easy to use place using the smartest search system on the planet.

  • Download Product PDF's, Browse by Images, explore products in a whole new way.

  • Understand products and their connected services like never before.
ApprovalZOOM experts transform your PDF & catalog charts into our smart system to provide hundreds of very smart filter and search possibilities
  • Let our experts reconstruct your aging PDF's into smart data and open a world of new opportunities for you.

  • Your products will be found by over 150 possible search fields for all of your product's variations.

  • Surpass your competition by using the most powerful system ever brought to Product Evaluations.
Educate, engage, extend traditional product approval information
  • Show off your product installations, features, related accessories

  • Embed videos& other media to inform and interact with site visitors

  • Add more testing & evaluation info to established agency listings
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ApprovalZOOM makes sense of difficult product PDF Documents
  • ApprovalZOOM Engineers work with listing owners to extract the important information from PDFs

  • Information is combined with illustrations and text instructions using a proprietary system developed by ApprovalZOOM

  • Product Instruction Commentaries are produced for easier product understanding by all industries using our information.
ApprovalZOOM partners with associations like the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety & others to provide the exclusive registries like the FORTIFIED Verifified Directory to sources across the country
  • Use ApprovalZOOM to search product listings for FORTIFIED Matches

  • Upgraded listings can become FORTIFIED Verified for easier search Listing Owners - Get Started

  • Products are syndicated to municipality and association websites across the country

Product listings are joined to related parts, accessories, and services
  • ApprovalZOOM works with manufacturers to identify and display related products and services for listing compliance.

  • Interactive system provides first-ever complete system view of interconnected and interchangeable products.

  • Products connect to repair parts, necessary services, purchasing, support links, and more.
Interactive Calculators Bring Stale Data Into The Modern World
  • ApprovalZOOM Engineers take your archaic charts and tables and create amazing interactive tools

  • Calculators provide more detailed answers and solve 'what-if' scenarios leading to more efficient & cost effective designs for your customers and result in increased sales.

  • Calculators are tablet & smartphone compatible and have high functioning sliders & dials for quick responses
Listing Information Is Shared In Real Time With Sites Of All Kinds Across The Country
  • Need-specific, filtered content is shared in real-time to Agencies, Associations, Municipalities, Distributors, Companies across America

  • Dozens in use, ApprovalZOOM data is everywhere!

  • Qualifying companies can receive a syndication site we create for them at no cost, no obligation, value-add service
Agencies, certification entities, evaluation & accreditation services benefit by our powerful, smart, fast, and reliable architecture
  • Harness our smart architecture, easy search, powerful features your customers will love and benefit from.

  • Data can be syndicated across applicable content syndication websites to provide you with maximum exposure.

  • Save money and time by taking advantage of our years of research and development and trusted systems.
Find products by address (coming soon!)
  • Visitors can check a product for use on any address to see how it will perform.

  • Visitors find building product solutions by any address and ApprovalZOOM will recommend the strongest, most economical, & most architecturally pleasing solutions.

  • Manufacturers work with ApprovalZOOM when upgrading their product listings to provide helpful information to appear in more searches for more addresses.