ApprovalZOOM Is Also Software To Help
Certification Entities Manage Their Product Data

Certification Entities:

  • Benefit from the #1 Cloud Software For Product Listing Hosting
  • Always Have Access To The Latest Cloud Based Technologies
  • Save A Lot of Money On Your Website IT Bill & data entry
  • Let Us Manage Content For You or Have Full Access to Do It Yourself

ApprovalZOOM Opportunities

Screenshot of ApprovalZOOM’s Powerful Administration Dashboard

ApprovalZOOM has been created with specific attention to a uniform, expandable, and extremely customize-able framework. We’ve incorporated the latest Internet technologies to provide the best and most advanced product database management system on the planet.

ApprovalZOOM already hosts data for certification entities across the country and handles the design, maintenance and expenses so they don’t have to. Our forward-looking business model allows certification data to be hosted on ApprovalZOOM at little to no cost to the certification entity.Contact Us and let us give you a demonstration.


Examples Of Sites We Co-Host

ApprovalZOOM’s smart architecture has been designed to host all kinds of building product performance data and replace ageing and archaic agency servers with a
uniform and next generation cloud based architecture, setting the stage for data in many formats to be used by new technologies including iPad apps, BIM Software, and much more. ApprovalZOOM is actively working with a number of other major  accreditation agencies to bring their product information to the top of their industry.

Keystone Certifications

keystone approvalzoomAfter a three year review of ApprovalZOOM’s credentials and vastly improved search services, Keystone made the decision to share their Certified Product Directory Data with ApprovalZOOM. This alliance places Keystone listings among others throughout the ApprovalZOOM network and syndication sites we provide data to. ApprovalZOOM continuously updates Keystone listings in its database while providing that data back to Keystone in an improved search system which appears on their website. Keystone listing holders are encouraged to further improve their listing data by adding certification documentation, digitizing performance information for a smarter search, adding media and links to purchasing, related services, and social feeds. Updated information helps building departments, contractors, real estate, insurance, research, DIY, and other related industries and brings unprecedented exposure to the Keystone brand.

“We are excited about the possibilities resulting from sharing our public Certified  Product Directory information with ApprovalZOOM”

– Jon Hill, President of Keystone Certifications

NTA Inc.

NTA ApprovalZOOMWhen NTA found out that ApprovalZOOM can host their data and white label the page better than they ever could, the decision was clear. NTA uses the ApprovalZOOM framework and search capabilities to offer their site visitors a better search experience. ApprovalZOOM then offers manufacturers the opportunity to add images & videos, supplemental product data, connections, social media, purchasing and services, and much more to extend the reach of their product certification.

That information is also broadcast to all qualifying content syndication sites powered by ApprovalZOOM across the country.